FIDH Resolution on Israel’s Apartheid Regime against the Palestinian People

New Ib Fidh 1667119967

30th October 2022

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) at its 41st Congress in Paris adopted a resolution against Israel’s apartheid regime over the Palestinian people.

Through the resolution, FIDH: 

1. Calls on third States to recognise that Israel’s discriminatory laws, policies, and practices have established, and continue to maintain, an apartheid regime over the Palestinian people, and to take positive and effective steps to end Israel’s illegal occupation and apartheid regime, including through the imposition of sanctions and countermeasures, ending military-security trade and cooperation with Israel, and adopting legislation to prohibit trade with illegal Israeli settlements.   

2. Calls on third States to provide the utmost political, institutional and material support to enable the esteemed UN Commission of Inquiry established in May 2021 to continue with its mandate unhindered; 

3. Calls the UN to reconstitute of the UN Special Committee against Apartheid and the UN Centre against Apartheid; 

4. Calls on Israel to repeal all legislation and end all policies and practices that directly or indirectly affect the enjoyment of human rights through racialized distinctions; 

 5. Calls upon the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to take concrete steps to accomplish the investigation into the Situation in Palestine.